Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

IT Academy is an initiative of DPG Media nv (Mediaplein 1, B-2018 Antwerp). You can register via the official page.

Conduct of the selection procedure

The selection procedure is divided into 4 different parts:

Part 1: The registration via the following link: https://www.buildit-academy.be/. To participate, you must fill in the following information on the registration form:

Name, first name, gender, date of birth, specialization, university/college, e-mail address, and mobile phone number.

Part 2: After registration, you will receive an invitation for a speed date, because our recruiters would like to meet you! You will receive short feedback on whether or not you will proceed to the next round.

Part 3: If you have been selected to continue, you will be invited for a meeting with our IT Management.

Part 4: When you are among the last remaining candidates, you will get started at the highest-performing tech workplace in the Benelux.

Participation in the selection procedure is no guarantee that you will be stopped. After each round of selection, a professional jury will decide whether or not to advance the candidates. This jury will make the final selection and has the final say without having to motivate this choice.

Conclusion of the selection traject

At the end of the selection traject, a maximum of participants will have the opportunity to follow a 6-month paid program within DPG Media IT. The traineeship is personal and cannot be transferred to someone else.