[DATA]__:DPG Media__>>

</body></html> DPG Media is a leading Media Group in Belgium, The Netherlands & Denmark. On the surface, we are the name behind more than 90 strong brands like HLN, VTM, Qmusic, De Morgen, NU.nl, Tweakers, Libelle, and many more. In reality, we fuel our entire business with technology. (return)

BUILD IT ACADEMY__>>What can you expect__?

▶<script>During the first weeks of our <Build IT Academy>__, you will receive a crash course in // IT DPG Media// __ You will be immersed in our innovative tech stack, nurture & challenge your soft skills, get a complete overview of our operations and get to know your future IT colleagues and their projects. Rest assured, they will make you feel at home and are very much looking forward to your arrival! __ object__(return)
After those ''initiation weeks'', you will gain the necessary skills in one of our 95 __{Agile squads⌋. In the meantime, you will be acquainted with everyone at numerous fun networking events and be involved inside real projects. You will also have the opportunity to obtain important certificates (AWS to name one). After a total of six months, your career at DPG Media can really take off. A truly __: unique opportunity for you to participate in an innovative company. 

START__to Build IT_>>

__:>>Find the hidden Job Offer0__}

You've already done well on your first test finding the hidden Job Offer - __:''GREAT'':! Because if you know how to fix it, you know _//how to build IT//


▷>=_In order to be selected for a paid traineeship at the Build IT Academy (return), an open mindset and willingness to learn is very important. __>>Therefore, our recruiters would like to meet you! (return_)

(script) Meet our IT Management Team__

___>>Do you think you have THE TALENT WE NEED __? (return)_ Then personally introduce (and prove) yourself to >>>>__ our IT Management Team.//__

(data)//:__Get started at the highest-performing tech workplace in the Benelux

>>__>> When the wheat is separated from the chaff, our future tech colleagues is what remains. __// ”Welcome aboard” to our >>BUILD IT ACADEMY!

__//..Your training...=>>our promise

1:object : “A paid SIX-MONTH TRAINEESHIP:_ at DPG Media”
2:object : “Build a SOLID FOUNDATION:_ for your professional network”
3:object : “Learn directly from our experienced IT PROFESSIONALS”
4:object : “Work with CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY:_ or tools built from the ground up”
5:object : “AN INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: immerse yourself in core domains of interest”
6:object : “A UNIQUE IT LEARNING EXPERIENCE:_ at the biggest media company of the Benelux”
7:object : “Win a PERMANENT CONTRACT”
8:object : “In a new building next to ANTWERP CENTRAL STATION”
9:object : “PRICELESS ADDED VALUE: for your resumé”

Our IT Ambassadors

Real trust, real responsibility, real pride

Petra Van Veen

Scrum Master Freemium Platform (AD, HLN)

How we use data to create data-driven applications for consumers and clients is very neat and advanced.

Wannes Rosiers

Area Manager Data

We’re not afraid to experiment, learn, and even fail. We have an entrepreneurial spirit

Maarten Witteman

Area Manager B2B & Advertising

At DPG Media, we love new initiatives, and they pop up everywhere.

Remmelt Beckers

Agile Portfolio Manager

DPG Media is extremely interesting, because we have everything: online, newspapers, magazines, TV,...

Leslie Jacobs

IT director Business Applications

We’re a tech company and a media company. I love how driven and ambitious DPG Media is.

Sylvie van Nieuwerburgh

Product Owner



What are the requirements to participate?

You have just completed a Bachelor or Master with a focus on IT and / or you have already gained a first experience in the workplace. You have a great passion for technology, are a real team player and want to work in an innovative environment. You are all set to be immersed in the work field and are motivated to give the best of yourself. 


I will not graduate until September, can I participate?

If you can find time to participate in our selection process, you are certainly welcome to register.


How many participants are admitted?

No maximum number of participants has been set, we want to give a chance to all young IT talents who meet the registration conditions. 


How will the process proceed?

The selection process is divided into 4 different parts:

Part 1
To participate, register at <<buildit-academy.be>> You enter a number of personal details. These are crucial to proceed to the next round.

Part 2
After the registration period, you will receive the first assignment in your mailbox. You have enough time to complete this assignment & will receive feedback shortly after submitting it.

Part 3
If the feedback on your first assignment was positive, you will continue to have a chance to win that traineeship. You will be invited for a speed date with our recruiters. 

Part 4
Are you among our last remaining candidates? Then you will be introduced to our IT management! This is also your last interview, so after this interview = knowing if you’re in!


When can I expect my first feedback?

You will hear within a week whether or not you're in the first selection.


If I have had an interview with the recruiters and/or IT Management, when will I receive personal feedback?

We try to give you feedback as soon as possible. In every next step, your feedback will become more focused and personal.


What if I am on holiday during the selection process?

We understand, of course, that you may already have plans for holidays. However, we are convinced that you can successfully complete the interviews anywhere. If you are in the final phase, in which the personal conversations take place, we can optionally have our conversation on remote.


What exactly does the offered contract entail?

If you are selected, you will receive an open-ended contract. This includes a period of 6 months in which we fully immerse you in the DPG Media-IT world in order to grow into an IT professional.


What does this mean for me financially?

The salary associated with this traineeship will be a competitive starting salary, determined by DPG Media.


What if I have additional questions?

If you cannot find your question in our FAQ, you can send an email to the following email address: builditacademy@dpgmedia.be. We try to answer you as soon as possible.